October 3, 2003

Big 3’s car sales plummet in September

September vehicle sales at GM of Canada, Ford of Canada, and DaimlerChrysler Canada were all lower in September, but car sales suffered the steepest decline, averaging a drop of 21.7% when compared with September, 2002.

General Motors of Canada dealers sold 43,085 vehicles in September, a decrease of 7.8 per cent from the same period last year. Car sales were down 18.4 per cent and truck sales were up 4.0 per cent.

Ford of Canada’s total September vehicle sales of 18,877 was an 11 percent drop from September 2002. Car sales were off 26.8 per cent and truck sales were off 3.5 percent. One bright spot was the all-new 2004 Ford F-150 with sales up 18% over last September.

DaimlerChrysler Canada’s September sales of 16,991 were down 5.1% to 17,910. Car sales were down 19.9% and trucks were down 8.1%.

It was a different picture at Toyota Canada with total Toyota sales of 14,030, an increase of 20.1 per cent over September, 2002. Car sales were up 23.3 per cent and truck sales up 10.6 per cent.

Honda Canada sold 11,219 cars and trucks, a new record for September outpacing the previous record of 10,428 units in 1999.

Nissan Canada posted the best September sales in the company’s history, selling 5,491 vehicles.

Volkswagen Canada sold 3,781 vehicles during September, 128 more vehicles than September last year, an increase of 3.5%.

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada marked its first full year of selling cars in Canada with September sales of 1,075 vehicles, an increase of 430% over September 2002 sales. Car sales were up 180%, and SUV sales were up 1704%.

Amongst luxury automakers, BMW had a 30% increase over September 2002 with sales of 1,445 vehicles. Lexus sold 784 cars and SUVs, an increase of 44.6%. Infiniti chalked up its 19th-consecutive month-over-month sales record with sales of 783 vehicles, up 30 per cent. Audi Canada recorded its best September sales since 1985 with sales of 605, an increase of 7.5%.

Acura was the only major luxury automaker to report lower sales. September sales of of 1909 were 9.1% lower than September, 2002.

Among the smaller luxury makers, Mini sold 163 cars, Porsche sold 114 cars, an increase of 58% based mainly on additional sales of the new Cayenne SUV; and Aston Martin Jaguar Land Rover sold 236 cars, up 26%.

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