July 4, 2003

Big 3 sales drop in June

In Canada, GM, Ford and the Chrysler division of DaimlerChrysler all reported lower vehicle sales in June. General Motors of Canada sales of 34,010 decreased 25% when compared with June of 2002 – GM car sales were down 26.7% and truck sales were down 23.2%. Ford of Canada’s total vehicle sales of 28,232 were down 6.4% – passenger cars dropped 11.4% and trucks 3.7%. Sales of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles were off 14% – car sales were down 8.5% and trucks sales dropped 15.9%.

Imports did better. Toyota Canada sales (which includes Lexus) of 15,371 beat the previous best June ever set last year, by 3.8%. Hyundai Auto Canada announced sales of 6,551 vehicles for the month of June, an increase of 0.3% over last year. Nissan reported June car and truck sales of 5,154, and Honda Canada reported sales of 11,124 units, but neither revealed how that compared with last June’s sales. Volkswagen Canada sales of 3,498 dropped 13% in June.

Import luxury makers did very well in June. Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury division, celebrated its best June ever with 843 vehicles sold – up 34% over the previous June. Porsche’s June sales leaped 20%, from 151 cars to 181 vehicles, mostly on the strength of the new Cayenne SUV which outsold all other Porsche models combined. BMW vehicle sales of 1,710 rose 6% over the same month last year. Mini sold 325 cars, up 25%. Audi sold 681 cars, up 18.4%. Volvo’s sales of 1,011 were up 0.5%. The Acura Division reported June sales of 2,102 units, but didn’t reveal last June’s sales.

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