Golden, British Columbia – The governments of Canada and British Columbia have begun the bidding process on a project to improve a section of the Trans-Canada Highway in Golden, B.C.

The request for bids on the Phase 3 West section of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project has begun a year ahead of schedule in order to start construction in a shorter period of time.

The 3.8-kilometre project includes reducing the steep grade on Golden Hill, extending a fourth lane to the Highway 95 intersection, consolidating access, constructing a grade separation at Golden Donald Upper Road, improving facilities for cyclists and pedestrians, and constructing a fencing and crossing structure to protect wildlife.

The project is scheduled to be completed by 2012. Upgrades to Phase 3 West (Hill to Portal), along with the Phase 3 East project (Brake Check to Yoho Park) are being cost-shared through the federal/provincial Building Canada Fund. The first two phases of the project, also cost-shared by both governments, have already been completed. The Phase 3 upgrades and improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway in the Kicking Horse Pass are the result of a contribution of $64.2 million by the federal government and $70.1 million by the provincial government, announced in November 2007 and part of a broader joint commitment to fund major infrastructure projects in British Columbia.

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