Ottawa, Ontario – Residents and visitors in Ottawa’s core now have access to 100 bicycles through the Capital BIXI bike share service.

The bicycles are located at ten stations in downtown Ottawa and Gatineau and are available 24/7.

“The purpose of the program is to provide immediate access to public bikes as an alternative mode of transportation,” said Alain Ayotte, president of the Public Bike System Company. “The BIXI bikes are designed to complement public transit, and as such, they are intended for one-way trips of less than 30 minutes. At the end of the trip, the bike can be dropped off at any of the ten docking stations. We’re convinced local residents and tourists will quickly embrace Capital BIXI.”

Regular uses can purchase subscriptions, at $28 monthly or $78 yearly, which entitles them to a BIXI-key. The key can be used to take out a bike at any station in the network. Non-members can purchase a 24-hour pass for $5.00 or a 72-hour pass for $12 directly at the station. Users can take out a bicycle as often as they like for 30 minutes or less, with fees for longer trips set at $1.50 for the second half-hour and $3.00 for the third half-hour.

Information and subscription details can be found at Capital BIXI. The first 100 annual subscribers will receive founding member status and a distinctive dark purple BIXI-key. Subscribers can also take advantage of a $10 discount on a monthly pass until June 30, 2011.

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