February 7, 2005

BFGoodrich tire recall is not safety-related

Laval, Quebec – BFGoodrich Tires is recalling approximately 20,000 (total for Canada and the United States) BFGoodrich Land Terrain tires, size P235/75R15 after the company discovered, through its quality inspection process, that affected tires were produced using two moulds provided by a supplier that did not have the required tread wear indicators (also known as wear bars). Tread wear indicators permit consumers to tell when their tires need replacement due to wear of the tread. The issue does not affect the performance or safety of the tires.

To date, there have been no reported issues or complaints.

“These tires meet all performance criteria, but the decision was made that we
must recall the affected tires because they were produced without the required
tread wear indicators,” said Michel Default, quality director for BFGoodrich
Tire Manufacturing. “The affected tires were produced at our Opelika (Alabama,
US) facility from February 29th to August 19th of 2004. The issue has been
corrected and consumers who purchased the affected tires will receive new tires
that have the required tread wear indicators free of charge.”

BFGoodrich Tires informed Transport Canada on Feb. 3, 2005 of its recall
campaign and has already begun communication with dealers. The company will
contact consumers who may have purchased affected tires via first class mail in
the coming weeks. All recalled tires will be replaced free of charge and
returned to BFGoodrich Tires in a comprehensive commitment to retrieve from the
market any tire that does not meet the Transport Canada requirements.

The recalled tires have Department of Transportation tire identification numbers
that begin with DOT AN HL B411 and end with the last four digits 0904 through
3304 and mould numbers: 40381 and 40382.

The DOT code is found on the inner sidewall of the tire just above the wheel rim
and is printed in small type (less than half an inch tall). Tires manufactured
outside of these DOT weeks for the specific tire and size are not affected. The
five-digit mould number is located on the inner sidewall of the tire just above
the wheel rim.

Consumers who believe they are affected by the recall should return to the
location where they originally purchased the tires for a free inspection and
replacement if required. Consumers may also contact BFGoodrich Tires at
1-888-871-6666 for additional information.

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