August 29, 2003

BFGoodrich launches new website

Laval, Quebec – BFGoodrich Tires announced a new website,, which features several interactive tools designed for automobile enthusiasts.

“We are really pleased to present our new website to all BFGoodrich Tires fans
as well as anyone who wants to know more about the brand and its products,” says
Michaela Yasin, Brand Manager for BFGoodrichR Tires in Canada. “Our interactive
approach will keep web surfers up to date in a timely manner with the latest
information on tire developments and trends. And they will keep coming back for
more! BFGoodrich Tires’ website also provides a motorsports / car show / event
calendar, including a photo album for serious performance and tuning
enthusiasts. It is the place to find the coolest happenings, to experience the
ultimate, to see and to be seen.”

The website also features an “Ask the Experts” section and a unique “Style
Selector” section, which allows the site user to customize the page to his/her
preferences based on driving styles during the initial visits. Pages visited can
remain that way for subsequent visits. It also allows members to receive special
promotions by e-mail and gives them the opportunity to enter various contests.
Heather Castellan from Aurora, Ontario just won a set of BFGoodrich tires and a
one-year supply of gas (worth $2,000).

In order to celebrate the launch of BFGoodrich Tires’ website, a contest
(E-Rally Challenge) will be launched by means of a virtual campaign. Watch for it;
it may come your way! A lucky contestant and three of his/her friends will win a
week’s vacation in Club Med -Cancun (Mexico).

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