April 19, 2004

BFGoodrich introduces lower-priced g-Force performance tire

Laval, Quebec – April 14, 2004 – BF Goodrich has introduced a new entry-level,
ultra-high-performance g-Force tire developed for sport-compact car owners. The
tire features a
cutting-edge tread design designed to appeal to younger sport-compact consumers.
BFGoodrich will launch 20 sizes of the g-Force Sport on May 1, 2004.

“The ever popular g-Force traits like performance and technology are now offered to
a younger clientele that still values image but equally values a good deal,” says
Michaela Yasin, BFGoodrich Tires Brand Manager in Canada. “We are thrilled because
even if the g-Force Sport is available at a lower price point, the qualities and
characteristics that have made the g-Force such a successful line of ultra-high
performance tires have not changed.”

Featuring BFGoodrich’s ETEC System (Equal TEnsion Containment System), the g-Force
Sport provides excellent strength, a smooth ride and a consistent footprint, said
Yasin. “This helps maintain maximized tread contact under high-speed conditions,
giving drivers the confidence they need to reach new heights safely,” he said.

BFGoodrich Tires’ web-site is www.bfgoodrichtires.ca

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