Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued an advisory for motorists to watch for interference between floor mats and vehicle pedals. The agency said that during its investigations of alleged sudden vehicle accelerations and stuck throttles, the problem frequently relates to some interference between the mats and the pedals.

Typically, the interference occurs when non-original equipment floor mats are used without being properly retained to the vehicle floor. The mat can then move under the driver’s feet, and become lodged either between, on top of, or under the pedals. Another common problem occurs when consumers install multiple floor mats on top of each other, reducing the clearance between the vehicle floor and the pedals.

If you have installed aftermarket floor mats in your vehicle, make certain they cannot move while driving. If you are going to install rubber mats in the winter months, be sure that you remove the originally-equipped factory floor mats. Use only one set of mats and make certain that the mats do not interfere with the gas or brake pedal before driving the vehicle.

If the vehicle is equipped with a floor mat retaining pin or clip, make certain that the mat is installed as per the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.


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