Aug 2, 2007

Bentley announces new Continental GT Speed

2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed
2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed. Click image to enlarge

Photo Gallery: 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed

Crewe, England – Bentley has announced the new, 600 hp Continental GT Speed, the most powerful production Bentley ever and the first to top 322 km/h. The GT Speed is based on the company’s new Continental GT coupe.

The new models are defined by a wider, lower intake and more upright radiator grille. The GT Speed’s W12 engine develops 15 per cent more torque and 9 per cent more horsepower than the standard Continental GT, with a top speed of 326 km/h and a zero to 100 km/h acceleration of 4.5 seconds. The GT Speed also has unique chassis tuning and new, wider 20-inch wheels and performance tires. Carbon ceramic brakes will be available as an option.

The company says that the inspiration for the GT Speed came from the legendary Speed model that first appeared in 1923, a high-performance version of the standard 3.0-litre models.

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