Toronto, Ontario – Next week marks “National Be Tire Smart Week”, during which tire retailers, distributors and manufacturers will be reminding motorists to check their tire inflation with a gauge at least once a month to ensure that they meet the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. The campaign is a joint initiative of the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) and Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency.

According to data from Natural Resources, Canadian drivers will likely burn an extra 643 million litres of fuel in 2008 because one or more of their tires are under-inflated. This wasted fuel will release an additional one million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and cost drivers an estimated $772 million in unnecessary fuel bills.

A tire that is substantially under-inflated does not roll as smoothly or as easily as intended; the increased rolling resistance requires the vehicle to burn more fuel. According to an RAC survey, nearly seven out of ten personal vehicles on Canadian roads have at least one tire that is over- or under-inflated, and 23 per cent will have at least one tire seriously under-inflated by more than 20 per cent.

“For Canadian drivers who care about the environment, not to mention fuel economy and safety, there is no easier way to contribute to cleaner air than measuring tire pressure,” said Glenn Maidment, president of RAC. “Gaining the best possible tire-related fuel economy and performance is easy for motorists who take action. All it requires is some basic knowledge and five minutes each month to perform a few simple procedures to ensure your tires are properly inflated.”

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