Santa Monica, California – While selling a car is generally a safe practice, it’s still important to minimize your risk of fraud, scams, robbery and even physical attacks, warns The company offers several tips to minimize personal risk in private-party used-vehicle sales.

The company offers these suggestions:

Vet your callers thoroughly. Ask lots of questions about what the buyers want in a vehicle. The more you engage in conversation, the more of a “feel” you will get for the person.

Don’t go to a meeting alone. People are less apt to harm you if there is someone else there, police say.

Meet in a public place. Arrange to meet the buyer at a public space, such as a shopping mall parking lot, rather that at your home or the buyer’s.

Trust your gut. If you’re not comfortable meeting a potential buyer for any reason, hang up or cancel the meeting.

“Some people aren’t comfortable meeting with strangers under any circumstances, and if that’s the case, they should turn the sale over to an auto broker or trade in the vehicle,” said Philip Reed, senior consumer editor. “You’ll have to accept that you might not get the best deal, but peace of mind is priceless.”

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