June 15, 2007

BCAA wants to know how drivers are coping with high gas prices

Burnaby, British Columbia – The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) wants to know how B.C. motorists have or have not changed their driving habits in response to dollar-plus pump prices. BCAA is asking drivers to complete a one-minute survey on its Web site, www.bcaa.com, to help the association understand how high fuel prices are affecting driving habits and travel plans.

The survey will be open until June 25 and the results will be publicized in early July.

BCAA also recommends drivers control what they can do to minimize the impact of pump prices, including:

  • Consolidate trips; find one location where you can take care of banking, grocery shopping and other chores, and when possible, combine them with your daily commute. Short trips of less than five kilometres generally do not allow the engine to reach its peak operating temperature, reducing the level of fuel efficiency.
  • Only use as much vehicle as you need; if you own more than one, use the more energy-conserving vehicle as often as possible.
  • Save gas by slowing down, maintaining steady speeds, and avoiding jack-rabbit starts and hard braking.
  • Avoid unnecessary idling.
  • Clean out the trunk, cargo areas and passenger compartments; a heavier vehicle uses more gas.
  • Keep your eyes open for low fuel prices, but don’t waste gas driving to a distant station to save a few cents.
  • Get rewarded; purchase gas from companies that offer loyalty rewards.
  • Keep tires inflated, and keep ignition and emissions systems operating properly.
  • Consider other commuting options, such as ride sharing (www.rideshare.com) and public transportation.

  • If you’re upgrading your car, compare fuel efficiency ratings on the vehicles you’re considering at www.vehicles.gc.ca.

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