July 6, 2005

BCAA urges drivers to give roadside workers a “brake”

Burnaby, British Columbia – With $6.5 billion committed to transportation projects in B.C. over the next four years, the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) is urging drivers to be extra cautious when driving through construction zones and passing roadside workers this summer.

Over the past three years, nearly 40 roadside workers were seriously injured across the province as a result of motor vehicle crashes in construction zones.

“We all have obligations to be cautious in and around construction zones,” says BCAA Road Assist Director Ken Cousin. “Collisions should be preventable if drivers simply adhere to construction zone speed limits, show common courtesy, exercise patience and be aware of the people and hazards around them.”

BCAA suggests that motorists stick to the speed limit; get into the correct lane in good time; focus on the road ahead, not the work or the equipment; be alert for workers and heavy equipment leaving or entering construction zones; keep a safe distance; observe all signs; and when passing emergency roadside workers or tow truck drivers, slow down, provide a wide berth and, if possible, move into the left or passing lane.

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