Flat tires, potholes, traffic congestion continue to plague British Columbia.

BURNABY, BC – Are flat tires, potholes and traffic congestion driving British Columbians around the bend? To help improve road safety and campaign for better roads, the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) invites British Columbians to vote for a road they feel is the ‘worst’ in the province as part of its third annual “Worst Roads” survey.

From April 29 to May 27, the public is invited to nominate a road in most need of repair or redesign by voting online at bcaa.com/worstroads. Once final results are verified, BCAA will publish the top 10 list and share the results with government to encourage improvements.

Over recent years, BCAA continues to see tire problems such as flat or blown tires and damaged rims as ongoing issues. On average, BCAA receives close to 50,000 calls annually throughout the province for tire-related problems alone.

“Tire issues can be caused by a number of factors, but poor road conditions certainly don’t help,” says Ken Cousin, BCAA’s associate vice president of Road Assist. “Swerving to avoid potholes or hitting them head-on is a safety risk, not to mention the damage it does to vehicles. We want to help our Members and British Columbians have their say about the state of our roads.”

The Association also notes congestion is worsening, especially in B.C.’s urban areas. Recently, Vancouver was named the worst city in Canada for congestion according to a 2013 survey by Tom Tom, a manufacturer of car navigation systems. The survey ranked Vancouver as second worst in North America next to the notorious gridlock of Los Angeles.

“Roads that are deteriorating, inadequately maintained or poorly designed affect the pocketbook, stress level and more importantly— personal safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians,” says Cousin. “We encourage British Columbians to take five minutes to vote and draw attention to deteriorating, unsafe or inefficient roads in their community. And, we will continue to share our results with decision makers to help them plan for current and future road improvements.”

Throughout the campaign, participants can check the website bcaa.com/worstroads to see where their road ranks and which roads are close to taking the dubious title of “B.C.’s Worst Road”.

The BCAA “Worst Roads” survey defines a ‘worst road’ as any piece of paved infrastructure—including a bridge or tunnel—that is in need of repair, has damaging potholes, needs resurfacing, is unsafe and contributes to frequent accidents, or is often heavily congested. Roads that are poorly designed or too narrow for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to share safely also qualify as a ‘worst road’.

During the 2011 and 2012 “Worst Roads” campaigns, thousands of votes were cast with Ospika Boulevard South in Prince George and Westside Road in Kelowna receiving the most votes in those years respectively. Some improvements have been made to both title-winning roads since the previous surveys were conducted. A complete list of last year’s top 10 ‘worst roads’ is also available on BCAA’s website.

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