Burnaby, British Columbia – The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) is conducting a survey of all B.C. drivers on distracted drivers and the effects of the province’s law on hand-held cell phone use and texting.

The anonymous survey can be found at BCAA and takes about five minutes to complete.

“In a previous survey conducted at the six-month mark, we learned that most drivers were aware of the new law and were complying with it,” said Trace Acres, director of corporate communications and public affairs for BCAA. “What we want to find out now is if compliance is increasing or if drivers are slipping back into their old habits. We also want to know if drivers feel the law has improved their own driving, along with the effect it has had on road safety generally.”

A survey in July 2010 attracted over 7,500 participants, with over half saying that they talked on a hand-held phone while driving before the law took effect. Of those, 21 per cent said they had since switched to a hands-free device, while 35 per cent now pull over and stop to make their call, while 28 per cent had stopped using a phone while driving altogether. Six per cent said they were continuing to make or take calls on hand-held phone in spite of the law.

The current survey will be open until January 20 and results will be reported near the end of the month.

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