Burnaby, British Columbia – The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) has announced that its Bike Assist program, which offers roadside assistance to cyclists, will be available to all its members starting June 1, 2009, and will be offered to all cyclists during specific periods.

During Bike to Work Week, which runs May 11 to May 17, and the Commuter Challenge from June 1 to June 5, all participating cyclists can take advantage of the program, even if they are not BCAA members. 

BCAA said it is the first automobile association in North America to provide this service as a permanent fixture of membership. “BCAA recognizes that people are choosing to commute in different ways, and we want to be able to support our members, regardless of how they choose to get from A to B,” said Marina Tungland, membership assistant product manager. “What’s more, many people avoid cycling because they feel unsafe and vulnerable on our roads. Knowing there’s help available in case of a breakdown, BCAA hopes more people will be encouraged to try cycling.”

To qualify for assistance, the cyclist must have experienced a mechanical breakdown, such as a broken chain or flat tire. No assistance will be provided to cyclists looking to avoid challenging terrain or inclement weather. Service technicians will do their best to get the cyclist going again, but if the repair cannot be made at the site of the breakdown, the technician will transport the cyclist and bicycle to a destination, home or nearest bike shop, with the kilometre allotment consistent with the member’s current level of membership. BCAA cannot break bicycle locks, as ownership cannot be verified.

For more information, visit BikeAssist.

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