Burnaby, British Columbia – Have you hung up the phone? The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA)  is asking drivers to complete an online survey to see how many are complying with the six-month-old distracted driving law.

The five-minute, anonymous survey is open to all B.C. drivers, and is available at BCAA. Questions include how the law has affected driving behaviour, what motorists observe other drivers doing, how effectively the law is publicized and enforced, and what other distracting behaviours are a concern.

“There appeared to be strong compliance right after the introduction of the new cell phone restrictions, but it’s not uncommon today to see or hear of people sneaking a call or glancing at a text while driving,” said Trace Acres, director of corporate communications and government relations. “The results of our distracted driving survey will be shared with government and law enforcement agencies to help them understand the impact of the law and adjust their publicity and enforcement strategies, if necessary.”

In a member survey in April 2010, BCAA members ranked road safety as their number-one concern. Among pressing safety concerns, driver distractions ranked third, behind speeding and intersection infractions.

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