Burnaby, British Columbia – An investigation by the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia (VSA) has resulted in the closure of JDM Wholesale Canada Ltd. of Delta, a motor dealer and importer. The company’s assets have been seized and a receiver has been appointed to deal with its affairs, including assessing the claims of a long list of dissatisfied customers, a warranty insurer and other suppliers.

As a result of the investigation, and upon application by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, the B.C. Supreme Court issued an order requiring obedience to a freeze order issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, and appointed a receiver. Named in the orders are the company and its principals, James and Iain Robinson.

Both men are believed to have fled to New Zealand, where they attempted to have assets from Vancouver transferred to them in spite of the freeze order. Several vehicles destined for consumers were found by VSA compliance officers still in containers at port terminals; at least one had been previously sold to another customer.

In court documents, the VSA investigation alleges that premiums paid for extended warranties on at least 20 vehicles had never been forwarded to the insurer; that provincial sales tax on vehicle sales was never submitted; that a customer who paid US$14,500 for a vehicle discovered upon delivery that it failed to meet Canadian standards and could not be registered, with his request for a refund ignored; and that a vehicle subject to the freeze order was sold for $11,500 in cash by James Robinson, with a receipt provided by his wife, to a purchaser who never received promised documentation and could not register the vehicle. This vehicle was found to have been previously sold to another customer.

“While various investigations continue into the affairs of JDM and its principals, our foremost concern is for JDM’s customers,” said Ian Christmas, VSA Deputy Registrar. “The receiver will attempt to satisfy the aggrieved parties, including, where practical, bringing the remaining imported vehicles into compliance with Canadian standards.”

The VSA urges anyone who feels victimized by JDM to contact Denis Savidan, VSA Manager of Compliance and Investigations, at 604-294-9889, extension 527.

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