Burnaby, British Columbia – The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) Traffic Safety Foundation has partnered with The Community Against Preventable Injuries to promote safety and reduce the number of deaths and injuries in the province.

The Community is a new organization established to raise awareness, transform societal attitudes, and ultimately change behaviours towards preventable injuries. It brings together concerned individuals and organizations to actively take steps to prevent injuries that happen in and out of the workplace.

“I am pleased that our organization has the opportunity to work closely with The Community,” said Allan Lamb, executive director of BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation. “We share a similar philosophy of working with families, communities, businesses and other partners to educate and promote safety and reduce the number of deaths and injuries, in our case due to traffic crashes, in B.C.”

More than 1,100 British Columbians are injured seriously enough to require medical attention each day. Of these, approximately 4 die, 90 are hospitalized, and some 27 are left partially or totally disabled. Almost all of these injuries and deaths could have been prevented. For more information, visit Preventable Injuries.

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