Video takes a humourous approach for raising speed limits in BC to make roadways safer

Chris Thompson is like the majority of us who think speed limits in many areas are too low to be safely adhered to. The only difference between us and Chris is he’s doing something about it.

Earlier this month, Thompson posted “Speed Kills Your Pocketbook” on YouTube where it has already garnered over a million views and is grabbing the attention of MLAs in British Columbia.

The video focuses on one road in particular, but does mentioned others in BC and talks about speeding in general. It also takes ICBC (British Columbia’s public insurer), the police, and media to task for using speed as an excuse to boost venues and provide sensational news items.

The major point the video makes is it isn’t those who go above the posted speed limit in a safe manner that cause crashes. Instead, it is those who go way above the limit while driving recklessly, or those who drive at the posted limit when the flow of traffic is much higher.

The video has become so popular, a local CTV affiliate gave the 10 minute flick some press and also interviewed some government folks in the process.

It’s an enlightening campaign for common sense and here’s to Chris for taking the initiative.

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