Vancouver, British Columbia – Recent changes made by Transport Canada to the definition of low-speed vehicles (LSVs) now allow B.C.-based low-speed truck manufacturer Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd. to market its LSVs across Canada. The announcement was made by Brian Jean, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.

Low-speed trucks are designed for uses such as groundskeeping, landscaping, and in certain industrial and institutional settings such as campuses and resorts.

“The marketing of zero-emissions, electric low-speed trucks in Canada is good news,” Jean said. “These low-speed trucks are environmentally friendly and represent one more step in our government’s ambitious environmental agenda. I encourage people to use these environmentally friendly vehicles in controlled low-speed environments like campuses and retirement communities, where the risk of a collision with a faster and heavier motor vehicle is lower than on public roads.”

The updated definition of LSVs allows electric low-speed trucks that produce no emissions to be classified as LSVs. Canadian Electric Vehicles, based in Errington, B.C., has received authorization to affix the National Safety Mark to its might-E-truck LSV, which indicates that the company has certified that the truck meets the three federal regulatory standards for LSVs and can market it across the country.



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