TN-599977_jeepscanWestport, Connecticut – A well-worn 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee went for US$26,000 at auction, some eight times the estimated value of similar vehicles, due to it being formerly owned by U.S. president Barack Obama.

John Reznikoff of University Archives, based in Connecticut, was the highest bidder for the vehicle, which Obama purchased new in 2000 when he was an Illinois state senator and living in Chicago.

“I would have been willing to pay over $100,000 for it,” Reznikoff said. “That, just ten years ago, our president was pretty much like the rest of us, driving to work, transporting kids and navigating tough winters, is truly inspiring. The notion that anyone can grow up to be president is embodied in this car.”

Reznikoff has relics from every American president, including a fragment of George Washington’s coat, Abraham Lincoln’s desk, and one of John F. Kennedy’s parade cars.

According to records, the Jeep had 85,000 miles (136,794 km) on the odometer when it was traded in in 2004, and accumulated another 50,000 miles (60,467 km) since then.

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