Ottawa, Ontario – Bad drivers are getting worse, according to a new poll by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). The poll found that three out of four Canadians say that drivers are exhibiting more annoying habits than they did five years ago.

Only two per cent of Canadians felt that drivers are less irritating than they were five years ago, while 21 per cent said drivers are exhibiting the same number of bad habits. Road rage, cutting off other drivers and text messaging were the top three habits identified in the survey.

“It’s clear that Canadians think driving habits are getting progressively worse,” said Jeff Walker, CAA vice-president of public affairs. “The good news is these are all correctable behaviours. If we concentrate more on good driving habits and on being courteous to fellow motorists, we will all benefit.”

According to the poll, Canadians found these habits the most annoying:

– Road rage – 86%
– Cut people off – 86%
– Text while driving – 85%
– Following too close – 78%
– Talk on the phone – 78%
– Throw trash out the window – 73%
– Not using turn signals – 73%
– Too aggressive – 72%
– Blocking intersections – 67%
– Excessive speed – 62%
– Constantly changing lanes – 59%
– Parking too close to others – 54%

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