Victoria, British Columbia – British Columbia will introduce measures to improve safety for motorists by giving the province stronger enforcement tools against shops that do not properly inspect rebuilt or imported vehicles.

“Safety is our ministry’s top priority, whether it’s designing highways or ensuring vehicles on the road are safe,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond. “We’re always looking to improve on our practices, and so we’re bringing in additional tools to strengthen the regulations already in place.”

Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act will provide greater oversight of designated inspection facilities and authorize inspectors to ensure the safety of private and commercial vehicles, either rebuilt or imported into British Columbia.

The amendments allow the ministry to:

– Increase compliance through stronger audit powers, including having direct access to inspection facilities to conduct ministry-led vehicle inspections.

– Simplify and strengthen the ability to cancel the designation of a facility or inspector to conduct mechanical or structural integrity vehicle inspections under the provincial program.

– Improve monitoring to closely track and scrutinize inspection facility owners and directors, as well as individual inspectors.

– Impose additional conditions on inspection facilities and inspectors, including training, testing and recertifications.

“We are confident the vast majority of inspectors and inspection facilities are reputable and do very good work,” Bond said. “But for those operations and individuals who choose not to comply, this legislation will strengthen our enforcement tools and ensure they will not continue to operate in British Columbia.”

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