November 15, 2004

B.C. section of Trans Canada Highway upgraded to four lanes

Salmon Arm, British Columbia – Upgrades to the Trans-Canada Highway between Sorrento and Salmon Arm in the interior of British Columbia are now complete. The total project was valued at $15.06 million.

“Improvements to this section of the Trans-Canada Highway will increase safety and help reduce accidents,” said federal Industry Minister David L. Emerson on behalf of Transport Minister Jean-C. Lapierre.

The project includes:

  • upgrading 4.2 kilometres of the Trans-Canada Highway to 100 km/h speed limit standards, increasing it to four lanes and adding a paved median;

  • reconstructing the White Lake Road intersection to include grade separation and a right in/right out intersection;
  • constructing 3.2 kilometres of new frontage roads for slow-moving farm vehicles and local traffic;
  • reconfigurating the intersection and turn lane at Ford Road;
  • relocating Carlin Hall to a new site next to Carlin Elementary School;
  • extending Ford Road to intersect with Kirkpatrick Road;
  • constructing frontage roads east and west of the Trans-Canada Highway; and
  • closing and making cul-de-sacs of Kirkpatrick Road at the Trans-Canada Highway.

“Moving farm vehicles onto the frontage roads, providing passing opportunities and removing seven direct access routes off the highway, should help reduce the accident rate in the area,” said Abbott.

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