May 8, 2006

B.C. firm receives EPA certificates for SUV and pickup CNG conversion

Langley, British Columbia – ECO Fuel Systems Inc. of Langley, B.C. has received Certificates of Conformity from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Transportation and Air Quality, to convert a set of new General Motors SUVs and pickups to compressed natural gas (CNG).

The certificates allow the conversion of the 4.8-litre-equipped 2006 Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe and Yukon, and 3.5-litre-equipped 2006 Colorado, Canyon and Hummer H3. ECO Fuel Systems also has current EPA certificates for other taxi, van and pickup truck applications from Ford and GM. The certificates allow authorized aftermarket converters in EPA-regulated states to use the ECO Fuel system legally to adapt gasoline-powered vehicles to CNG.

EPA emissions regulations are basically fuel-neutral, meaning that standards must be met regardless of fuel type; the key regulatory aspect of the conversion is that the revised vehicle must continue to conform to all applicable emissions requirements.

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