Victoria, British Columbia – Enforcement will step up immediately in construction zones across British Columbia, increasing the safety of traffic control personnel and construction workers.

“Speeding and reckless driving in or around construction zones will not be tolerated, so starting today, the RCMP and the Ministry will be alongside traffic control persons and construction workers to enforce this message,” said Shirley Bond, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister. “We want to make certain drivers slow down and drive with caution to ensure traffic control persons working in construction zones can do their jobs safely.”

The RCMP and the province’s CVSE branch will work together on the following initiatives:

– Increase speed enforcement in active construction zones where traffic control personnel are present.

– Target distracted drivers using illegal handheld devices, or operating their vehicles unsafely.

– Install additional speed reader boards in high-traffic construction zones across the province to alert drivers to slow down and drive with caution.

Motorists should be alert, obey instructions from traffic control persons and obey posted speed limits. Under the new speeding law, motorists caught driving 40 km/h over the posted speed limit will have their vehicles impounded for seven days and face escalating penalties for repeat offences. Currently, fines for speeding in a construction zone can be up to $483.

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