October 23, 2007

B.C. drivers rate their own driving “above average”, others just “average”

Burnaby, B.C. – Over 60 percent of drivers surveyed in a recent BCAA/CKNW web poll rate their own driving as “above average”, describing their abilities as “…better than most”. However, of the
5,700 drivers who participated in the survey, 58 percent rated the B.C. driving population as “average”, while 28 per cent rated them as “below average”, and six per cent rated them as “…the worst in Canada”.

Despite grading themselves with higher marks, the majority of participants admitted to a number of traffic “no-nos”. Over the past month, 82 percent said they had exceeded the posted speed limit, 40 percent said they had talked on a cell phone and 26 per cent said they had honked at another driver.

However, 24 per cent said they had apologized to another driver for
making a driving error.

When asked what they thought the most effective solution was in reducing or eliminating poor driving habits, the majority said more driver education and training (27 percent); more police officers to enforce traffic laws (22 per cent); and tougher penalties for driving infractions (21 percent).

Between September 27 and October 16, 2007, 5,901 participants completed the BCAA/CKNW Worst Driving Habits Survey. Survey results are based on the 5,754 respondents who regularly drive. Full details can be read at BCAA.com

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