Burnaby, British Columbia – Thousands of B.C. drivers have reported the “Worst Roads” in their area through a campaign by the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA). The first-ever campaign is intended to identify roads or highways most in need of improvement.

To date, over 3,500 people have cast votes, with 431 roads nominated for the title of B.C.’s worst road.

All B.C. residents are encouraged to participate in the campaign, which runs until May 24, 2011. Nominations can be made by visiting Worst Roads or by completing a ballot at any BCAA location.

“This campaign provides a platform for British Columbians to voice their concerns about deteriorating, unsafe or inefficient roads in their communities,” said Tim Condon, BCAA president and CEO. “The tremendous response from BCAA members and other drivers is an indication that many roads across the province may have been overlooked for maintenance and are in desperate need of repair or redesign.”

To date, the roads leading the campaign are:

  1. Ospika Blvd S,  Prince George
  2. Enderby Mabel Lake Rd, Enderby
  3. Pattullo Bridge, Surrey
  4. Harris Rd, Saturna Island
  5. Hope Princeton Hwy
  6. Silver Star Rd, Vernon
  7. Westside Rd, Falkland
  8. Pacific Rim Hwy
  9. George Massey Tunnel, Richmond
  10. North Nechako Rd, Prince George

When voting closes, the results will be tabulated and the top twenty published. BCAA will also share detailed results with municipalities and the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to ensure they are aware of driver concerns and to find out how they are planning to improve problem roads and highways.

In Ontario, where CAA has been running a “Worst Roads” campaign since 2003, over 90 per cent of the top twenty roads have either been fixed or are slated for repairs in the near future.

A “Worst Road” can be any piece of paved infrastructure, including a bridge or tunnel, that is in need of repair, has damaging potholes, needs resurfacing, is unsafe, or is often heavily congested. Roads that are poorly designed or too narrow for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to safely share also qualify.

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