March 19, 2002

B.C. company wins Globe 2002 environmental award

Vancouver, B.C. – Westport Innovations Inc. of Vancouver announced today that it has won the inaugural Corporate Award for Technology Innovation and Application from the Globe Foundation and The Globe and Mail newspaper.

Westport Innovations is a developer of technology that allows diesel engines to operate on natural gas. The Westport cycle is intended to significantly reduce emissions of particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen and carbon dioxide while retaining the power and performance of the diesel engine.

The award is for new technology “developed and applied to solve pressing environmental problems” and is presented to a company that “has demonstrated outstanding technical ingenuity in the development and/or application of an innovative technology or process with a significant environmental application.” Other nominees for the Technology Innovation and Application award included Toyota Canada Ltd., Kvaerner Chemetics Inc., Irving Oil Ltd. and Hydroxyl Systems Inc.

“The clean, high performance Westport cycle natural gas engine shows that we cost-effectively reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, with long-term climate and human-health benefits,” said David Demers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Westport. “By encouraging industrial innovation, Canada and other countries can meet air standards like the Kyoto Protocol for greenhouse gas emissions with minimal disruption to the global economy.”

The award is one of four Globe Awards for Environmental Excellence launched as part of Globe 2002, the 7th biennial trade fair and conference on Business and the Environment. Globe 2002, which ended in Vancouver on March 15, attracted more than 1,000 delegates from more than 65 countries.

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