April 4, 2002

B.C. bio-oil firm receives award from Canadian Institute of Energy

Vancouver, B.C. – DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation has received The Energy Research and Development Award from the Canadian Institute of Energy for its project, “BioTherm Technology: Renewable Fuels from Biomass Waste”.

Dynamotive processes organic resources that are generally discarded by the agricultural and forest industries, and converts them into a renewable and environmentally friendly fuel. Examples include forestry residues such as wood and bark and agricultural residues such as sugar cane bagasse. The Company has successfully converted each of these residues into BioOil and char making them a renewable and environmentally friendly oil and char reserve.

Penny Cochrane, Director of the Canadian Institute of Energy, Vancouver Branch said: “It is refreshing and encouraging to see a start-up technology developing not only a valuable resource from “waste material” but also putting into place a research and commercialisation strategy that addresses the investment risks of newly applied technology. The scientists continue to create intellectual capital through research for new processes and products, while the developers, focusing on the market, engineer, manufacture, and sell the commercial products.”

The Canadian Institute of Energy (CIE) (www.cienergy.org) is a broadly based, non-profit organization open to those involved in all aspects of the energy industry. The objectives of the Vancouver Branch are to provide a British Columbia perspective on energy technology, business and policy; to encourage energy research, education and dissemination of topical information; and to provide an unbiased forum for discussion and debate of energy-related issues. Membership at both the organizational and individual level is comprised of representatives of B.C. energy companies, consulting and service firms related to the energy industry and government and regulatory agencies.

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