February 11, 2005

B.C. and federal governments fund intelligent transportation systems

Ottawa, Ontario – David L. Emerson, Minister of Industry and co-Senior Minister responsible for British Columbia, on behalf of Transport Minister Jean-C. Lapierre, along with British Columbia Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon, today announced the signing of a contribution agreement between the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia for deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems in the province.

Under the agreement, $713,000 of federal funding has been allocated for the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems in the province. The Province of British Columbia will contribute $1,013,000 to implement four projects.

The first project involves the development and installation of a weigh-in-motion server with links to Alberta and Washington State. The new technology weighs and measures commercial vehicles in advance of fixed weigh stations, and allows enforcement agencies to pre-screen for compliance. The second project involves deployment of an advance traveller data management system to collect and disseminate information on traffic flow to agencies in the Cascade Border region. The third involves the installation of a web cam network at four key congestion points and the high occupancy vehicle lanes on the provincial highway network in the Greater Vancouver region. The fourth project involves setting up a computer-aided dispatch centre for the Victoria custom transit system, a transit service for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Mobile data terminals and in-vehicle technology will be installed in the buses to automatically connect these buses to the regional dispatch centre, allowing for automatic transmission of customer pick-up and drop-off requests.

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