November 21, 2007

AXA Assistance launches Vengo roadside assistance program

Montreal, Quebec – AXA Assistance Canada has launched Vengo, which it calls the first “tailor-made” roadside assistance program in Canada. AXA currently provides roadside assistance to over 200,000 vehicles across Canada.

Vengo allows the customer to choose the number of annual roadside services, allocated towing distance, geographical coverage, and the option of covering only the vehicle, no matter who is driving, or the person, no matter what vehicle is being driven.

“This product is the first roadside assistance program that adapts to any customer, allowing them to choose and pay for only the services they need,” said Sylvain Gaullier, Vengo Project Manager. “Vengo is also an attractive product because subscriptions start at $44.95 per year.”

The service, at, allows customers to purchase and customize the subscription, and to request assistance services online. Vengo also provides legal assistance services and Vengo Privileges, helping customers locate restaurants or send flowers across the world.

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