Ottawa, Ontario – Colourful autumn leaves may be beautiful, but they present driving hazards unique to the season when they are wet or in piles on the roads, warns Be Car Care Aware. Drivers are also reminded to prepare for fall driving conditions by having their tires, brakes and wipers checked.

“Drivers should be aware that wet leaves on the road surface can make stopping difficult, and piles of leaves can obscure potholes, curbs and street markings,” said Patty Kettles, manager, marketing and communications for Be Car Care Aware. “Add to these hazards the fact that road conditions can change from ideal to miserable in a matter of minutes, and what you have is a potentially dangerous situation.”

Tires should have their pressure checked and be inspected for tread depth, cracks and punctures, and be rotated and balanced every 10,000 kilometres, the association said. Brakes should be checked at each oil change, and wiper blades should be replaced every six months or when cracked, cut, torn, streaking or chattering.

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