August 8, 2002

Automotive Lease Guide announces cars with best resale values

Santa Barbara, California – Automotive Lease Guide, a U.S. publication which provides projected resale values to customers such as banks and leasing companies, has announced its annual Residual Value Awards. The awards honour those vehicles in each segment predicted to retain the highest percentage of their original price.

This year, the awards recognize the brand with the highest predicted resale value of all industry and luxury vehicles. The awards are arrived at after careful study of segment competition, historical vehicle performance and industry trends.

Heading the list this year is Volkswagen of America with the Volkswagen Brand winning the Industry Brand Residual Value Award. Volkswagen also received the award for the Midsize Car Segment with the Volkswagen Passat.

Mercedes-Benz also made a strong showing in this year’s awards winning the Luxury Brand Residual Value Award in addition to the Mercedes-Benz CLK winning the individual award for the Luxury Car Segment.

BMW of North America is a repeat winner of the Near Luxury Car Segment for the BMW 3 Series. MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America, won the Compact Car Segment for the MINI Cooper in its first year of eligibility.

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. continued a strong tradition in the Residual Value Awards winning three individual segment awards: the Tacoma for the Compact Truck Segment, Sequoia for the Fullsize SUV Segment and the Tundra for the Fullsize Truck Segment. All three are repeat segment leaders from last year.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. received several segment awards, including: the Acura MDX for the Compact SUV Segment; the CRV for the Sub Compact SUV Segment; and the Odyssey for the Minivan Segment, a repeat winner for the past four years. Another repeat winner this year is Porsche Cars of North America for the Porsche 911, which won the Sport Car Segment award.

“Residual Value performance has long been considered the best way to analyze the health of automotive manufacturer’s vehicles. We felt that the introduction of the Industry and Luxury Brand Award rankings will provide consumers and industry professionals with a clear set of vehicle depreciation benchmarks and provide a yardstick for automotive brands to measure themselves,” said ALG’s CEO, John Blair.

Summary of 2002 Residual Value Award Winners

  • Industry Brand Residual Value Award: Volkswagen of America
  • Luxury Brand Residual Value Award: Mercedes-Benz

Segment Awards
Compact Car MINI Cooper
Midsize Car Volkswagen Passat
Sports Car Porsche 911
Near Luxury Car BMW 3 Series
Luxury Car Mercedes-Benz CLK
Minivan Honda Odyssey
Sub Compact SUV Honda CR-V
Compact SUV Acura MDX
Fullsize SUV Toyota Sequoia
Compact Truck Toyota Tacoma
Fullsize Truck Toyota Tundra

Industry Brand Residual Value Rankings:

  2. HONDA
  6. JEEP
  7. GMC

Only brands above the industry average were ranked. Below industry average were the following brands (listed in alphabetical order): Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Daewoo, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Isuzu, Kia, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, and Suzuki.

Luxury Brand Residual Value Rankings:

  2. BMW
  3. ACURA
  4. LEXUS
  5. AUDI

Only brands above the industry average were ranked. Below industry average were the following brands (listed in alphabetical order): Cadillac, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lincoln, Saab, and Volvo.

Note: All brands with vehicles in at least two segments and minimum annual volume of 40,000 units were included. As a result of this requirement, Land Rover, MINI and Porsche were excluded from the above rankings.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Automotive Lease Guide is a privately held company that has been forecasting automotive residual values for over 35 years in both the US and Canadian markets.

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