May 12, 2006

Automotive colour display market to triple over next five years

Boston, Massachusetts – A report by Strategy Analytics reports that decreasing LCD costs and increasing availability of new features for in-vehicle navigation, entertainment and driver information systems will drive automotive display shipments to 32 million units by 2012.

However, the study shows that the critical challenge for automotive companies is not the size of the screen, but its display location in the cockpit, in combination with what should be shown and easily accessed on the display. Safety will be an increasing design factor, since driver distraction is a key concern for regulators, carmakers and consumers. Questions still remain over the role of displays and instrumentation clusters, compared to voice technology and haptic touch button controls (touch-screen buttons that appear to depress and release).

“Colour display scale economies resulting from the explosive demand in portable and wireless device and home consumer electronics markets are now being passed on to the automotive sector,” says Joanne Blight, Director, Automotive Practice. “We are seeing a lot of market adoption of touch screens from companies such as Alpine, Nissan and Toyota, as well as Head-Up Displays which are now available from BMW, GM and Siemens VDO. These display products are starting to address some of the safety, design aesthetics, customer appeal and driver information issues that automotive companies need to tackle seriously in terms of HMI (human machine interface) strategies.”

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