September 28, 2004

Auto workers union pledges $150,000 to support Red Cross hurricane relief efforts

Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian Auto Workers Union-Canada (CAW-Canada) has pledged $150,000 in support of the Red Cross 2004 hurricane relief efforts. The money will be directed to help those whose homes and lives have been ravaged by a series of hurricanes and tropical storms that have left much of the Caribbean in ruins.

“The CAW and its 265,000 members across Canada are committed to helping the tens of thousands of people ravaged by the hurricanes and tropical storms that have hit the Caribbean,” said CAW president Buzz Hargrove. “But over the longer term the world community also needs to address the deep poverty in many Caribbean nations that leave these countries so vulnerable to disaster because of the lack of infrastructure and social services.”

“The contribution of CAW-Canada provides a tremendous boost to our fundraising efforts,” said Gord Moore, General Manager, Canadian Red Cross, Ontario Zone. “The needs are enormous and growing every day.”

Tropical Storm Jeanne caused massive flooding and landslides in Haiti, leaving more than 600 dead and thousands stranded and homeless. The storm also destroyed houses, crops and roads. The death toll is certain to rise as more bodies are found in the floodwaters. A total of $75,000 of the CAW’s total $150,000 contribution is earmarked to help Haiti. Red Cross is also providing assistance to other nations in the Caribbean, which were affected by Hurricane

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