Tokyo, Japan – Automobile production dropped by 6.7 per cent in Japan in November, with 57,613 fewer vehicles produced than in November 2009, although auto exports rose by 9.6 per cent. The country produced 802,009 vehicles in November 2010.

There were 689,808 passenger cars made, a drop of 8.2 per cent, while standard cars (over 2000 cc) were up 3.7 per cent, with 415,548 vehicles made. Small cars were down 30.3 per cent, with 165,866 made, while mini cars (under 660 cc) were down 4.2 per cent, with 108,394 made. Truck production was up 3.3 per cent, with 101,853 produced, while buses were up 11.7 per cent, with 10,348 made.

Sales of domestic vehicles in Japan in November were down 25.9 per cent compared with November 2009, with 323,600 vehicles sold.

Toyota remained the country’s top auto producer, making 263,310 automobiles in November, followed by Nissan at 96,117 and Mitsubishi at 57,943.

Japanese automakers exported 432,585 vehicles in November. Of those, 162,176 went to North America, with 145,852 specifically destined for the United States. Second on the list was Europe, with 82,935 vehicles exported, followed by Asia at 53,958 and the Middle East with 45,638. Overall, Toyota exported the most number of vehicles, at 148,165, followed by Nissan at 69,454 and Mazda at 69,408.


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