Toronto, Ontario – Auto insurance rates dropped by 2.8 per cent among the lowest rates quoted in the third quarter of 2009 when compared with 2008, according to a study by online insurance marketplace Kanetix.

The company said the decrease appears to be the result of changes in consumer behaviour and demographics, not cheaper car insurance rates. Higher youth unemployment rates resulted in fewer drives under 25 completing quotes for auto insurance; drivers appeared to be keeping their current cars longer, and often dropped optional coverages such as comprehensive and collision on older vehicles; and a greater percentage of Ontario drivers opted to take advantage of multi-line discounts.

“The economy is continuing to play a significant role in what we’re seeing,” said George Small, co-founder of Kanetix. “The best tips for drivers concerned about saving money is to compare rates from a variety of insurance providers, take advantage of available discounts and, if you can afford it should you have to submit a claim, increase your deductibles.”

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