May 29, 2006

Auto industry benefits everyone, CAW says

Toronto, Ontario – The auto industry directly employs more than 148,000 Canadians and produced 7,188 vehicles every day in 2005, according to information released by the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW). Canada built 2,623,581 cars and light trucks in 2005.

The union says that the auto industry is Canada’s single largest exporter, accounting for $80 billion, or 18 per cent of the nation’s total exports in 2005; this represents one-fifth more than the oil and gas industry, and double the level of the forestry and paper, primary metals, or agriculture and food sectors. In 2005, auto workers paid $5.5 million per day in federal and provincial income tax, or $2 billion per year.

Six different automakers operate car and light truck assembly plants in Canada, along with five engine and transmission plants, more than 500 independent parts facilities, and several other firms producing heavy trucks and buses.

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