Toronto, Ontario – The Winter Driving Safety Coalition, a group of Ontario associations, is calling on the Ontario government to provide incentives for drivers who equip their vehicles with winter tires. The group wants the government to implement winter tire tax credits and support insurance premium rebates.

The group includes the Ontario Safety League, Ontario Hospital Association, CAA South Central Ontario, Ontario Trucking Association, the Rubber Association of Canada and Canadian Tire.

“Insurance premium rebates will incent drivers to install winter tires which will help reduce the number of crashes and improve safety on our roads,” said Nick Parks, president and CEO of CAA South Central Ontario. “That is why CAA SCO will be applying to the auto insurance regulatory agency for insurance premium rebates for our customers.”

A recent survey of Ontario drivers found that 55 per cent had experienced a car crash or car troubles due to poor winter driving conditions, and that 64 per cent do not have the same level of comfort when driving in winter as during other seasons, but less than 50 per cent of Ontario drivers use winter tires.

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