Surrey, British Columbia – British Columbia’s Registrar of Motor Dealers, Ken Smith, has joined other Canadian regulators in warning the public about an apparent new fraud involving the sale of vehicle extended warranties.

“I want to first emphasize that this does not concern any of the warranty products sold by reputable licensed dealers, yet another reason to deal only with licensed professionals,” Smith said. “In fact, this was brought to the attention of the authorities by responsible members of the industry.”

The new scam is a phone solicitation from a U.S. firm, calling itself “Warranty Center” or “World Wide Warranty Inc.” The sales pitch begins by advising the consumers that their vehicle warranties will expire in two days, and claims that the customer information was provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Consumers are then offered the chance to purchase a five-year extended warranty for $175 on a credit card. Some reports said that the solicitation is very rude and harasses customers for their credit card numbers. The telephone prefixes that have been appearing on customers’ phones are 732, 203, and 603.

“People must always be careful about giving our credit card numbers to unknown parties and, with respect to extended warranties, check your documentation,” Smith said.

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