September 2, 2005

Auto companies contribute to Hurricane Katrina relief

Detroit, Michigan – Three of the major automakers have announced relief aid efforts to those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Toyota-affiliated companies are contributing US$5 million in direct aid, with Toyota itself providing US$2 million. Friedkin Companies, the owner of Gulf States Toyota, is contributing an additional US$2 million, while Southeast Toyota Distributors has pledged another US$1 million. In addition, Toyota is offering a 90-day extension on finance and lease payments to customers affected by the storm, and is fully matching employee donations to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and the Friedkin Disaster Relief Fund.

The GM Foundation and GMAC have made a combined immediate cash donation of US$400,000; the GM Foundation has also pledged up to an additional US$250,000 in matching funds for contributions made to the Hurricane 2005 Relief Fund by GM and GMAC Employees.

The Ford Motor Company is offering customers affected by Hurricane Katrina the opportunity to defer up to two vehicle payments.

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