Ford trumps the month while truck sales among the domestics stays strong.

The big news for August is Chrysler posting its best August sales since 1988. Getting into the numbers, almost all the growth can be attributed to the Ram Trucks brand, seeing a massive 23.2% increase in sales versus August 2012.

All the domestics have been seeing great demand in trucks. Ford still continues to be on top on Canada, posting the most sales amongst the manufacturers and still holding the lead in year-to-date sales.

From a percentage standpoint, Chrysler (+65.0%, from 2541 total sales), Smart (+40.9%, from 403 total sales), Nissan (+31.2%, from 7279 total sales), Subaru (+24.6%, from 3339 total sales), and Ram (+23.2%, from 6973 total sales) experienced the greatest monthly gains for August amongst non-luxury automakers. Honda, Buick, and Mitsubishi also experienced double-digit growth. In the red, Suzuki (-49.3%, from 259 total sales), Jeep (-15.2%, from 3014 total sales), Mini (-11.4%, from 452 total sales), Dodge (-5.9%, from 8558 total sales), and Chevrolet (-3.4%, from 12,479 total sales) all saw dips. Kia, Ford, GMC, and Toyota all saw red ink as well.

Jaguar, with only 115 total sales, topped the monthly percentage for luxury marques with a gain of 125%. Cadillac also saw a 53.8% gain. On the bottom end, BMW was down 15.4% and Lincoln dipped a massive 24.4%.

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