July 12, 2005

Audi working for approval of new lighting technology

Ingolstadt, Germany – In a report on new lighting technology, Audi says that it is working on several new applications and is awaiting European government approval on some that may be expected as early as 2007.

Among the technologies are LED headlights, emergency brake lights, and intelligent rear lights. LED headlights use white high-performance light-emitting diodes instead of incandescent lamps or Xenon lights; they occupy less space and can be arranged with greater versatility. They also offer a long operating life, high efficiency and low operating voltage. Adaptive lights, also known as cornering lights, could possibly be offered in the form of additional LEDs that are electronically activated instead of mechanically pivoted. LED headlamps have been used in several Audi concept vehicles.

Emergency brake lights, which are being developed by several automakers, use hazard-warning flashers in conjunction with brake lights under severe braking conditions. Intelligent rear lights adapt automatically to prevailing ambient light conditions, making the vehicle easier to spot after dark. Variable light level control has been submitted to the relevant European committees for type approval and its statutory licensing expected in 2007.

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