AU090735Changchun, China – Audi has sold its one millionth car in China, a metallic blue Q5 purchased by a customer in Changchun. The company has been in China since 1988, beginning with a license agreement with First Automobile Works (FAW) covering assembly of the Audi 100.

The milestone car was marked by a ceremony attended by the board of management of Audi AG, partners from FAW and more than 7,000 people, including plant employees.

“This record is yet another milestone in the history of Audi in China,” said Rupert Stadler, chairman of the board of management of Audi. “We were the first premium brand in China 22 years ago and have been the unrivalled market leader in this segment ever since, a success story we’re extremely proud of.”

In the first nine months of 2010, Audi delivered 175,000 units in China and Hong Kong, also a new record, and said it will deliver well over 200,000 cars by the end of the year. The company said it has set a sales target of reaching its second million within the next three years.

Audi produces the A6L, A4L and Q5 for the Chinese market in Changchun. It plans to expand its dealership network from 157 locations in 106 cities to over 400 dealerships by 2013.

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