March 24, 2006

Audi Q7 side assist wins “Innovation of the Future” award

Ingoldstadt, Germany – Audi has won the “Innovation of the Future” special award from Guter Rat, Germany’s largest consumer magazine, for its new side assist. The feature will be introduced as an option on the new Q7.

Side assist uses a radar system to monitor areas in the blind spot, as well as fast-approaching vehicles at a range of about 50 metres to the rear of the car. If the system identifies another vehicle, it informs the driver via an LED light in the exterior mirror. It also emits a flashing signal if the driver has activated the turn signal but has overlooked another vehicle in the adjacent lane.

Audi reports that the Q7 has been on the market since March 10 in Europe, where 15,000 orders have been received. Currently, every fourth Q7 is ordered with the side assist option.

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