Audi's first Quattro

Geneva, Switzerland – Audi has marked the 30th anniversary of its Quattro all-wheel drive at the Geneva Motor Show with a new evolutionary stage, presenting Quattro with crown gear centre differential and torque vectoring.

The technology, which is even more precise, efficient and high-performance than before, is making its debut on the new Audi RS 5 high-performance coupe. The self-locking effect in the crown gear centre differential can immediately divert drive torque to the axle with better traction on slippery surfaces, sending up to 85 per cent of torque to the rear wheels, or up to 70 per cent to the front axle as needed. The broad torque distribution range produces better traction than on previous models.

The new torque vectoring is an evolutionary form of the electric stability control with electronic differential lock that is already fitted as standard on many front-wheel drive models, but it acts on all four wheels to make cornering even more precise and dynamic.

At the show, Audi is displaying the Audi 80 Coupe, which was first shown in Geneva on March 3, 1980 with the company’s all-new, all-wheel drive Quattro system. Audi initially planned to build only 400 to enable the company to compete in the World Rally Championship, but public demand was so strong that it stayed in production until May 1991, with 11,452 vehicles sold.

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