Ingolstadt, Germany – Audi has announced improvements to its MMI (Multi Media Interface), including new high-capacity hard disc, DVD drive and faster processors that will make it more versatile and with higher performance. The new system will debut on the A8, and then be available on the A6 and upcoming Q5 performance SUV.

Originally launched in 2002, the MMI uses a control knob on the centre tunnel and large function keys to select the main operating areas. In various markets, the system could control audio, information, telephone, navigation and television functions. It was first adopted for the A6 and Q7 model lines, and then for the new A4.

The full version, MMI navigation plus, now includes an eight-direction joystick, larger monitor screen on the centre console, and choice of two- or three-dimensional navigation systems with a bird’s-eye perspective of the map area, including different colours for various heights above sea level and important buildings in large cities in 3D. The new system also understands complete words in a number of languages and its telephone directory can store up to 5,000 entries.

The entertainment system includes an integral drive for video DVDs that are displayed to the driver only when the vehicle is stopped, Dolby Digital 5.1 multi-channel sound, CD and SD card ability, and optional Audi Music Interface for use with MP3 players.

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