March 20, 2006

Audi and Volkswagen sign exclusively with Sirius satellite radio

Auburn Hills, Michigan – Audi and Volkswagen have announced that they will offer Sirius satellite radio as exclusive provider for their vehicles, beginning with model year 2007 through 2012. Previously, the companies offered both Sirius and XM satellite ratio but have chosen an exclusive provider to reduce ordering complexity.

“We decided that the Audi customer demographic fit more closely with the type of content that Sirius satellite radio provides,” said Wolfgang Hoffman, head of Audi Product Management. “And we believe that Sirius will continue to grow and create programming that our Audi customers will desire.”

Currently, the installation rate of satellite radio in Audi models in the U.S. is approximately 50 per cent. Volkswagen expects to place satellite radio in 80 per cent of its vehicles.

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